The Quality System typically applies to, and interacts with, all activities pertinent to the quality of a service.

The Quality System elements are structured to establish adequate control and assurance over all operational procedures affecting service quality.This is accomplished by creating a Project Initiation Document (PID) – the top-level project planning document. The PID should bring together all of the information needed to get project started, and communicate that key information to the project’s stakeholders in order let everyone understand where the project’s heading from the outset.

The Project Initiation Document should include the following:

  • Defines project and its scope.
  • Justifies project.
  • Secures funding for the project, if necessary.
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of project participants.
  • Gives people the information they need to be productive and effective right from the start

The main stages to assure project quality control:

  • Design Deliverables Review
  • Design Submittals Review
  • Control of Design Process
  • Control of Quality Records
  • Control of Communication between Various Project Parties
  • Control of Sub-Consultant Performance & Quality


BD&S Middle East Engineering Consultants is engaged in a business of Design engineering consultancy & Construction engineering services.

The Project team shall ensure the suitability and effectiveness of the Health, Safety and Environmental Managements Systems of the projects, then monitor and manage its implementation to ensure compliance with all UAE Health, Safety and Environmental laws and regulations.

These commitments will be achieved by:

  • Establishing and maintaining a documented health, safety & environmental Management System. (HSEMS).
  • Ensuring procedures, program & guidelines are in place to support the HSEMS.
  • Providing the necessary HSE resources for the implementation of the management system.
  • Communicating the company’s HSE resources for the implementation of the management systems including its employees, stake holder, clients & customers.
  • Setting, monitoring and reviewing HSE targets and objectives.
  • Complying with HSE policy.